This woman has taken her Starbucks fervor to a whole new level

For some Starbucks lovers, the food and beverage offerings aren’t nearly as appealing as the company’s merchandise. In fact, many zealous Starbucks lovers collect the company’s mugs, drinkware and accessories, not unlike a coin collector or a baseball card trader.

Maria Peña is one such Starbucks enthusiast. The 21-year-old, who started collecting Starbucks cups back in February, went viral on TikTok in April with a video of her collection of nearly 300 cups.

Peña told In The Know that she became interested in collecting Starbucks cups during a trip to Bali, Indonesia. “I realized they had such cute collections compared to the U.S. releases,” she explained. “There was a whole world out there. So I decided to really look everywhere for the cups, keep up with releases and get the ones I really loved.”

Collectors like Peña will do whatever it takes to get their hands on some of the rarer Starbucks releases. In fact, several Facebook groups exist for the sole purpose of buying, selling and trading Starbucks cups.

Peña admits that she’s done some pretty drastic things to procure a new release. “The craziest thing I’ve done I’ll have to say is having my best friends wake up with me at 2 a.m. on a workday just so we can be in line at different Starbucks on a release day by the time they open to make sure we get the cup in case they only have it at certain stores,” she said. “[Then we] go to work right after.”


Starbucks cup check @starbucks @#WhatsYourPower #fyp can y’all sponsor me already ?😭

♬ Tadow – Masego & FKJ

Given how expensive her Starbucks passion is, many people on TikTok were less impressed by Peña’s collection and more concerned.

“That’s an entire year of university tuition right there,” one person said.

“What’s the point of this,” another user added.

“That’s too much,” a third person commented

However, Peña doesn’t buy the cups just for show. She says that she’s used all of her cups “at least once,” and likes to switch up which one she’s using “to match whatever mood I’m feeling that day.”

To each their own!

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