This woman left her CIA post to become a beekeeper

Tara Chapman left her post with the CIA to pursue her dream career of beekeeping. She went from working in operations abroad in Pakistan to tending to thousands of bees.

“There was nothing I’d done in my life as an adult that I loved as much as I did when I started my two hives. It’s all I wanted to talk about,” Chapman told In The Know. “There’s a rhythm to their sound and to their energy and just watching what these creatures can do is inspiring.”

After perfecting the craft of beekeeping, the former CIA employee launched a small business in Austin, Texas, called Two Hives Honey that sells honey and teaches others how to maintain small beehives. Amazingly, she was able to turn her passion for beekeeping into a business that now employs an entire team!

“No matter what’s happening, when you open a hive, there’s those honey bees just working away, and there’s something oddly comforting about knowing that I can open a hive and no matter what’s going on, I can rely on those girls being in there, working away and doing what they need to do,” Chapman explained.

Learn more about Tara’s story in the episode of “Profession to Passion” above.

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