This woman reflects on the loneliness of your 20s: ‘This is too real.. thank you for talking about it’

Alexandra (@qlalexandra) a content creator in her mid-20s, recently posted “a raw moment” of her life, in which she candidly talks about “the reality of loneliness in your 20s.”


a raw moment i had today about being lonely in my mid 20s. behind the joyful moments there are hard ones too, and thats okay 💛 if anyone else feels like this, know that you’re not alone. sometimes seasons like this can and are meant to grow you the most. i lean on God every day to keep me going 🫶🏼🌷

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“I just wanted to make this video to be raw and real, because this is the current status of my Sunday,” she says. “I’ve been going through a lot, and my dad was so nice and came up for the weekend and we had a good weekend, but he just left, and I’m back to just not having anybody here.”

“I feel like people don’t really talk that much about how lonely your, like, early, mid, probably late 20s can be.”

Despite being someone who “enjoys spending time alone,” Alexandra reveals that she’s been feeling really lonely as of late.

“I just don’t have, like, a group of friends. I don’t have, like, a best friend who I do everything with,” she reveals. “I feel like people don’t really talk that much about how lonely your, like, early, mid, probably late 20s can be. It’s just a weird time of life.”

“I’ve just had a lot of stuff happen, and a lot of changes, and a lot of hard decisions I’ve had to make,” she tearfully explains. “This is just life. This is reality.”

“I definitely have those days. I take time to cry it out and feel the feelings. I know it’ll pass.”

Alexandra’s emotional video has resonated with other TikTok users who feel similarly.

“I relate so hard to this! I feel like no one really discusses this when we are in our mid-20’s,” one TikToker replied.

“This is too real.. thank you for talking about it,” another wrote. “Mid 20s are so hard.”

“I definitely have those days,” someone commented. “I take time to cry it out and feel the feelings. I know it’ll pass.”

According to Tiffani Bell Washington, MD, MPH, who specializes in child, adult and adolescent psychiatry, loneliness is “essentially the feeling of being uncomfortable or in distress when someone feels that there is a gap in the connection they would like and the connection they actually have.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also found that “63% of young adults also suffer significant symptoms of anxiety and depression,” Dr. Bell Washington tells AMA. “That means we have a generation of young people hungry for deeper connection who often do not have the skills or opportunities to achieve it.”

Dr. Bell Washington further asserts that your 20s consist of “countless social expectations.”

“One’s 20s are filled with countless social expectations including separating from one’s nuclear family, finding a partner, developing a career and finding a ‘tribe,'” she says. “For many this time is complicated by unrealistic social media lives which are often unattainable. That only amplifies the loneliness that young adults feel.”

Navigating any point in life, especially your 20s, can be even more difficult when it feels like you’re doing it all by yourself. When the loneliness strikes, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone, and this feeling, while isolating, is more common than you think.

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