This woman was babysat by a pre-fame Lucy Liu, and TikTok can’t believe it: ‘Oh my god how hasn’t this gone viral??’

Who babysat you when you were younger? If it was Lucy Liu, you’re as lucky as this woman.

London-based content creator Rudi (@thenameisrudi) recently, and may we add, very casually, revealed an enviable fact of her childhood: She and her sister were babysat by Lucy Liu before she was famous.

We aren’t the only ones flabbergasted by young Rudi’s luck. In just three days of posting, her TikTok has more than 1.4 million views and 167,900 likes.

Photo credit: @thenameisrudi via TikTok

“Your family moved to LA for a couple of months when you were a baby,” she writes, showing an adorable photo of her and her sister in the ’90s.

Then comes the reveal.

Photo credit: @thenameisrudi via TikTok

“Your mum made friends with another artist called Lucy,” she writes. We see a photo of Rudi and her sister held by a smiling Lucy Liu with the Hollywood sign in the background.

Photo credit: @thenameisrudi via TikTok

Rudi shares a sweet photo of Lucy Liu in overalls and writes, “She also wore dungarees and would sometimes babysit you.”

Photo credit: @thenameisrudi via TikTok

“She ended up becoming a pretty big deal…” Rudi writes.

Photo credit: @thenameisrudi via TikTok

“Hi Lucy hope you’re well All our love the all grown up Salmon sisters,” she adds.

“why does Lucy Liu look exactly the same”

Commenters on Rudi’s video were surprised to learn of her now-famous former babysitter. Others had similar celebrity interactions when they were children.

“Oh my god how hasn’t this gone viral??” someone wrote.

“Lucy Hale from pretty little liars baby sat me a couple times! She was best friends with my original babysitter and would come over to hang,” another replied.

“this is so sweet, i hope somehow she sees this and you guys can have dinner or something,” one user said. “im sure your parents would be gassed to see her again.”

“why does Lucy Liu look exactly the same,” a commenter wrote.

Lucy Liu casually babysitting in Los Angeles during the ’90s? We can’t even comprehend.

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