This wooden chair is the answer to all of your beverage needs

Ever get annoyed by the feeling of having to get up for a drink after settling comfortably in a lawn chair? Well, worry no more. One creative, Michigan-based carpenter has found a way to solve your first-world problem by crafting a wooden chair that pours your favorite beverage.

For several years, Matt Thompson has taken to social media to share his quirky inventions — one of which includes a wooden chair that dispenses drinks at the pull of a lever. The user simply sits in the chair, pulls back the handle connected to the armrest and waits for the chair’s gears to shift just enough to tip and pour any given drink attached to the back of the chair. The drink then funnels into a mug set on the opposite armrest.

Though we have a lot of questions (namely, how many drinks can the chair pour before one’s lazy self has to get up?), one thing is certain: Thompson’s chair has a lot of fans. And we mean a lot. A recent Instagram video of the chair, for example, received a flood of positive comments.

“This is freakin epic lol,” one person wrote.

“This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen,” another commented.

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