This workout machine combines planks and pushups so you really feel the burn

If you’re looking for an upper-body workout, look no further than the ARC-NRG Ab Machine. The unique exercise equipment combines planks and pushups to ensure you really feel the burn.

First, users rest on top of the ARC-NRG in a pushup position. Adjust the footrest and chest support base to your body’s measurements — the equipment is designed to work with both male and female bodies.

Once in the pushup position, the machine forces the body to maintain a plank. As each pushup is completed, the pivot barrel acts almost like a seesaw, with the front moving up and down in perfect sync with your body.

The ARC-NRG hits five muscle groups, making it a great fat burner for at-home fitness buffs. The dual plank and pushup mean you’re working arms, shoulders, chest, back and core all at once. Its adjustable resistance makes it great for training and recovery for upper body injuries. Just set the resistance to match your current level and increase it over time to develop diminished or new upper body strength.

If you’re not convinced yet, check out some of the ARC-NRG’s glowing testimonials.

“I wanted a program to kick start my weight loss without having to stop due to two ACL surgeries and plantar fasciitis,” one testimonial read. “What I have found using the ARC-NRG program, I stayed committed and its now a lifestyle.”

“The ARC-NRG pushup was like having a personal trainer at home to help me with my alignment,” another said.

“In 28 days I have lost 17 pounds! Looking forward to incorporating ARC-NRG as a permanent part of my lifestyle,” one reviewer wrote.

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