This young family is touring the country in their Airstream

Like many people whose work went remote during the pandemic, Jamie and Jerry Rea took advantage of the work from home lifestyle and made the whole country their home! On this episode of Dream Big, Live Small, the mobile family gives us a tour of their Airstream trailer.

“We became full-time RV-ers from just a spontaneous conversation, since Jerry can work remotely, [and] we kind of had the travel bug,” explains Jamie. The couple bought an Airstream trailer when they were just a family of two, and have since grown to a family of four!

The trailer life also allows the family to see parts of the country they never would have explored otherwise. “We settled on moving into an RV because we felt like it was the right way for us to explore the United States, which we really hadn’t done a lot of,” shares Jerry. 

The family’s Airstream trailer features an automatic exterior sunshade for hot days, and the roof is equipped with 600 watts of solar panels, allowing the family to go off the grid with ease. 

Inside the trailer is a large couch that doubles as Jerry and Jamie’s bed, with storage above and below. Jerry confesses that all of his clothes fit in just two small baskets! “That’s one of the big adjustments you have to make when you’re moving from any kind of ‘normal’ living situation into a very small living space,” he says of his modest clothing collection. 

In the kitchen area is a large dining table that all four family members can comfortably sit at together during mealtime. Bonus: the dining table faces two large windows that often overlook totally unique landscapes, creating a one-of-a-kind ambiance during breakfast, lunch, and dinner

In fact, proof of the family’s travel history is hanging on a wall next to the dining room table in the form of a state tracker that uses bottle caps from craft breweries to mark which states they’ve traveled to. “I think we’re at 32 or 33 different bottle caps in there right now,” shares Jerry. 

The kitchen also has a fridge, freezer, pantry space, a three-burner stovetop, and microwave/convection oven that allows the family to bake if they want to!

In the back of the trailer is the kids’ bedroom and play area, which fits a small daybed, crib, and toys. The layout gives the parents and kids separate sleeping areas while also providing plenty of room to play for the little ones. 

Regardless of the size of the Rea family’s trailer, it’s hard to argue with the country-sized backyard it gives them access to!

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