Who is Thomas Brodie-Sangster? The child star is all grown up

You probably know Thomas Brodie-Sangster for his award-winning role as Sam in Love Actually. The former child star has been on some pretty major TV shows since then — and yes, he still looks almost exactly the same. Here’s what you need to know about him.

Who is Thomas Brodie-Sangster?

Thomas Brodie-Sangster
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Born in London on May 16, 1990, the 30-year-old actor has two parents — Mark Sangster and Tasha Bertram — and one sister. His first acting role was in the BBC television film Station Jim, but his breakout role was, of course, in Love Actually.

Though Brodie-Sanger is an actor, he is no stranger to the music scene. He used to play bass in the band Winnet alongside his mother, sister and dad. They even toured a few south London jazz clubs. Sometimes he and his Maze Runner costar Dylan O’Brien also jam together.

“As a bass player you really need a drummer to jam, but a great mate, Dylan O’Brien, who was in the Maze Runner [films] with me, we send each other videos back and forth,” Brodie-Sangster told NME. “He’s got a drum kit set up at home and I play bass to his tracks. Then I send him a bass track and then he’ll play drums to that. It’s kind of a transatlantic jam.”

Brodie-Sangster also has an affinity for classic cars. This is partially inspired by the fact that when he was 15, he worked at a south London garage. One of his cars, a Citroen DS, is featured in the music video for the indie band Hotel Lux’s 2020 single “Ballad of You & I.”

“It’s the best ride,” Brodie-Sangster told NME. “I’ve been in a lot of fancy cars, but nothing else rides like that. So comfortable. So smooth. And it gets people’s attention — they love it or they hate it.”

Brodie-Sangster finally joined social media when he made an Instagram in April. He currently has over 473,000 followers.

Brodie-Sangster is best known for starring in Love Actually.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster Love Actually
Credit: Universal Pictures

He played Liam Neeson’s adorable stepson Sam in 2003’s Love Actually and has since taken on other roles in Game of Thrones, Phineas and Ferb and the Maze Runner franchise. After that franchise wrapped up in 2018, Brodie-Sangster took a break from acting.

He most recently portrayed Benny Watts in The Queen’s Gambit.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster The Queen's Gambit
Credit: Netflix

In 2020, Brodie-Sangster returned to acting as Benny Watts in Netflix’s hit miniseries The Queen’s Gambit.

“I took two years off just to chill out and focus on other things,” Brodie-Sangster told NME. “I went on to Queen’s Gambit and I felt a bit rusty, but I also left feeling like ‘I can’t wait for the next job!’ And then [the lockdown] happened… Kind of annoying!”

Brodie-Sangster is dating Gzi Wisdom.

Brodie-Sangster began dating Gzi Wisdom in early 2019. The 24-year-old is a model and photographer. Wisdom posted an Instagram photo of the couple together for the first time on Valentine’s Day that year.

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