Thorgy Thor is giving this Dragged contestant an out-of-this-world drag makeover

On this episode of Dragged, host Thorgy Thor (@thorgythor) turns Mariah into the extraterrestrial drag queen of her wildest dreams. 

Mariah is new to drag and wants the experience to help her get out of her comfort zone. Luckily, her drag inspiration, famous drag queen Juno Birch, isn’t just out of Mariah’s comfort zone, the alien-like drag queen may as well hail from another planet! “Purple face paint, from outer space living on planet Earth,” says Mariah of Juno’s drag look. “She’s come here to take over, and look gorgeous doing it,” notes Thorgy. “Yeah, like too gorgeous for Earth,” concurs Mariah. 

The first stop on Mariah’s space drag odyssey is planet wardrobe with stylist Elle( After explaining that Mariah wants an out-of-this-world look, Elle is sure she has the perfect outfit. The stylist reaches for a purpley-blue jacket with black textured accents that feels like it fell from the cosmos. 

Over in the makeup chair, makeup artist Blue (@sheisblue_) gives Mariah some purple face paint, a futuristic cat-eye, and electric blue eyeshadow with some shimmering glitter on top. “You look like an alien,” notes Thorgy. “You are creeping me out. You are gorgeous,” she says before heading off for the reveal. 

At the big reveal, Mariah steps out as Pluto Papaya, the space queen who came to Hawaii from outer space and spun down from a papaya tree. Thorgy squeals in delight at Mariah’s drag queen origin story before reveling in the intergalactic look, which is complete with a bleach blonde wig, fishnets, and chunky silver jewelry. But Pluto Papaya needs one more thing… “Before you go, I have a surprise for you,” says Thorgy. “Juno Birch ‘70s glasses, and I want you to try them on,” says the host as she hands the glasses to Pluto, which look like they were custom made.

“You’ve been Dragged,” says Thorgy, giving the official stamp of approval for the first outer space Dragged.

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