Thorgy Thor is helping contestant Aisha is embrace her newfound appreciation for drag

On this episode of Dragged, host Thorgy Thor (@thorgythor) helps contestant Aisha embrace drag after having feelings of resistance towards the industry. Aisha admits that she used to think of drag as “making fun of women” and “disrespectful,” but after “hearing a [drag] queen speak from the perspective of how they found drag and how it’s been really transformative,” she was inspired to embrace drag culture.

Now, Aisha has a newfound appreciation for drag and a deep respect for the work that drag performers do. Thorgy adds, “It’s all about feeling good about myself, but also about empowering women of any gender.”

Since embracing drag, Aisha is all in on being transformed by Thorgy, though she admits she’s “terrified but excited all at the same time.” Her only requirement is to wear a pantsuit, not unlike the one Thorgy is rocking.

Stylist Elle LC has Aisha covered with a black, shimmering jumpsuit that shines like a star-studded night sky. Then it’s off to makeup with Blue who compliments the sparkly jumpsuit with glossy lips and glittery gold eyeshadow that makes Aisha feel like she’s starring in The Lion King

Now for Aisha’s drag name, which is Sha Sha De Nile, complete with a theatrical hand motion on the “De Nile”.

When Sha Sha De Nile finally reveals herself, Thorgy is blown away! “You are beautiful in every way,” she tells Sha Sha. 

When asked if she’s now totally embraced drag after previously having conflicting feelings about it, Sha Sha says that she’s “all the way on the other side. I might even be making an appearance with Blue, with you, who knows!”

“You’re already booking gigs? Excuse me!” exclaims Thorgy.

It’s safe to say that Aisha’s been Dragged!

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