Adorable Father’s Day TikTok captures 3 generations of ‘man grunts’: ‘Like father, like son’

You never know which part of your personality is nature or nurture. This mimicking toddler won’t help settle the debate either. 

Last Father’s Day, TikToker @shannyrose88 captured three generations of “man grunts” when she recorded her son with his father and grandpa. The toddler sat down with all the same quirks as his forefathers. Who knows if it’s something he observed or just one of those idiosyncrasies the men in the family do? Either way, it’s totally adorable. 


Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads and grandpa’s out there! #fathersday #husband #dadgoals #family #toddlersoftiktok #fyp #PrimeDayDealsDance

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“Like father and papa, like son: (Father’s Day edition),” the video text read

Grandpa went to sit down on the steps in front of their home. As he lowered himself down, he let out a noisy groan. Next, Shannon’s husband went to sit down, and he, too, released a loud groan. Finally, her baby boy went to sit with his dad and grandpa. 

The little guy walked himself backward toward the steps. When he maneuvered himself into a sitting position, the toddler also let out a rambunctious groan. The toddler then high-fived his dad and grandpa. Some habits just get passed on from generation to generation. 

“Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads and grandpas out there!” Shannon added in the caption

The video received 5.7 million views and almost 1 million likes on TikTok

“What a chip off … the chip off … the block!!!” a user joked

“Dat is totally cool. 3 generations,” a person commented

“His little groans!! And then the butterfly,” another said

“Shows how they learn and how closely they watch,” someone added

“I’ve never seen the 3 stages of man grunt displayed so perfectly,” a TikToker replied

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