Songs from Bo Burnham’s ‘Inside’ are taking over TikTok

TikTokers are using Bo Burnham songs to express who they really are in a hilarious new trend.

The comedian, known for his humorous musical stylings, dropped his Netflix comedy special Inside on May 30. The songs include musings on numerous topics including self-pity, billionaire Jeff Bezos and the internet. People are taking audio clips from Inside to highlight their “three moods” for this latest meme. 

The origins of the meme begin with Jenna Marbles

In 2014, YouTuber Jenna Marbles released the comedy single “Three Looks.” The problematic fashion aesthetics Marbles described herself as having were “homeless man, a 12-year-old boy and a hooker.” 

“I got three looks / And that’s IT! / I got a homeless man /A twelve-year-old boy / And a hooker! / And that’s all I know how to do / So if you meet me / I’ll look like one of these three things,” Marbles sang


my 3 personality’s coming together for one video #tiktokpartner #ad #fyp

♬ 3 looks by jenna marbles – Tik Toker

The song experienced a revival in 2019, with TikTokers like @savpalacio using the lyrics to show off their fashion outfits inspired by the lyrics.

The Bo Burnham “three moods” trend on TikTok

TikToker @julzmorriz spawned the trend when she combined audio of Marbles saying “I have three looks” with three songs from Burnham’s Inside. She used snippets from the comedian’s “Welcome to the Internet,” “Look Who’s Inside Again” and “Bezos I.” 

The first mood was to “Welcome to the Internet” where Burnham sang, “Could I interest you in everything? / All of the time? / A little bit of everything / All of the time.” 

She described this mood as “finding new hobbies then getting immediately bored.” 

The next one used the “wah wah waah” crying bit from “Look Who’s Inside Again.” This was her “isolate self” mood. 

The third mood was “I am God” which naturally used lyrics from “Bezos I.” The comedian sang, “CEO, entrepreneur. Born in 1964.” 

Examples of the “three moods” TikTok trend

TikToker @daddy.gillss said his moods were “anxiety-fueled panic,” “sad little man,” and “unstoppable god.” 

The user @aprilsyrup shared her three moods as a person who is neurodivergent. They included “unregulated attention span,” “hyperfocused,” and “floor time.” 

The dog @ripleytheiggy even jumped on the trend. The dog was either in a state of “uncontrollable zoomies,” “sleeping 16 hours a day,” or “dancing for treats.” 

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