Fashion student ‘thriftflips’ denim into trendy new pieces on TikTok

TikToker AJ Tinsley attends the London College of Fashion and “thriftflips” denim garments. 

“Thriftflipping to me means going to a vintage shop, seeing an old piece of like — a garment or a jacket — just something that you [think] like, ‘What can I do with that?’ Make it more Gen Z. More modern,” Tinsley explained In The Know. 

The Gen Z fashion designer posts tours of his home studio, DIY creations and sketchbook designs on TikTok. Tinsley spends a lot of his time deconstructing thrifted denim clothes and sewing them back together to create something fresh and new.

In Tinsley’s “Denim Series” on TikTok, he transforms plain denim jeans and tops into distressed, graphic pieces with bold neon prints or patchwork designs

The student usually saves his more adventurous ideas for TikTok and more appropriate work for school. 

“On TikTok it’s more creative ideas that’ll come to my head that won’t really be for uni but I don’t want to not do that idea, so it separates the two in a fun way,” Tinsley said. 

Tinsley believes that for young creatives, the downtime during the pandemic is a great moment to work on projects.

“I just love DIY fashion. I’ve done it from a young age,” Tinsley said. “I would say for anyone that wants to take up doing anything creative, now is the best time. There’s nothing else to do in life.” 

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