Tia Adeola is rewriting history for people of color through her designs

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“When we think of the Renaissance, and we think of these pieces, a lot of the time it was royalty pictured. There was never a Black princess, but I just feel like they definitely existed,” Tia Adeola, a Nigerian-born fashion designer and founder of Tia Adeola, tells In The Know.

Adeola is not only making a name for herself in the fashion world but also for other Black designers dispelling a myth that Black women can’t own luxury.

“To remain authentic as a designer, you have to have messaging behind your clothing,” the designer shares. “Seeing Black women in this lens of luxury, I think it’s very important for young girls.” It’s through this broader lens that Adeola fashions her collections around Renaissance-inspired materials and pieces. In many ways, the designer is finding herself while also inspiring other women to do the same.

“I’m growing to become a very confident woman; that’s just how I want every woman to feel.”

On her beginnings:

“I was always posting my outfits of the day [on Snapchat]. I posted my first red ruffle dress on Instagram, and it went viral. A stylist pulled it for an editorial for Nylon magazine. It was the first time I ever appeared in a major publication.”

Now, she’s frequently on Vogue.

On stepping into new roles:

“It’s an all-Black female cast, and the butlers are white and they’re men,” Tia shares about the film she worked on while in quarantine in Nigeria. You see women taking on things that are typically done by men. There’s so much to do and so much to say.”

“I’m expanding beyond apparel; I feel like that’s something the pandemic forced me to do,” she comments. “I’m releasing my eyewear soon, footwear, accessories. [I’m] working on directing more videos, I don’t want to limit myself to anything.”

On advice for emerging designers:

The recipe for success, according to Adeola, is all in how you treat others. “A big percentage of all the great things that happened for me are because I’ve previously been nice to someone. No matter what you do, be nice to everyone. Try to be emotionally intelligent.”

To put it simply: “Just be humble, be a good person, be chill.”

Follow Tia on Instagram and check out the brand’s website.

Shop: White Ruffle Skort Set, $200

Credit: Tia Adeola

Shop: Black Reflective Ruffle Set, $260

Credit: Tia Adeola

Shop: Pearl Veil, $220

Credit: Tia Adeola

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