Tiamat Legion Medusa, AKA The Dragon Lady, welcomes the stares

Tiamat Legion Medusa just wants to put on a show, and as long as bystanders don’t ruin her fun or positivity, she’s fine with people looking at her and asking questions.

“Tiamat” is the five-headed dragon goddess in the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, after which Tiamat has aptly renamed herself as she transitions from human to reptilian. For the time being though, Tiamat is happy being half-human, half-reptilian.

Tiamat has had her ears removed, received 10 eyebrow implants, had 32 teeth removed, gotten her tongue split and nose reshaped, added horn implants to the top of her head, tattooed the white parts of her eyes green and is working on getting a full-body tattoo of scales.

“I can’t deal with being all human,” Tiamat told In The Know. “Being human has not been very nice to me in my life.”

In Tiamat’s previous life, she was named Richard and worked as a banker for 15 years. But Tiamat is so much happier and more comfortable in her current metamorphosis than she was working a corporate job.

“People have come up to me and said, ‘You look happy, what are you doing? You just look happy,'” Tiamat said. “I’m living in Los Angeles, I’m happy!”

Arguably Tiamat’s hardest adjustment was removing her teeth. In order to achieve an authentic reptilian-looking mouth, she only has six teeth. The top two are sharpened into fangs, but for the most part, she can’t chew her food.

“Their primary purpose is basically just for looks,” Tiamat explained. “I don’t chew my food, so essentially I am eating like a snake eats their food — whole.”

Tiamat doesn’t mind the double-takes or stares she gets in public. “My favorite reactions are from kids,” she said. “I’ll hear them say, ‘Look mama! She’s a dragon!’ When I hear a kid say that, it just means so much to me.”

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