Tiger shark lurks extremely close to oblivious swimmer in shocking drone footage

Drone footage captured the chilling moment a tiger shark lurked near the shore as beachgoers swam by. 

The swimmers at Hillary’s Dog Beach near Perth, Australia, had no idea they had such a close brush with danger. Sam Wood recorded the scary moment the underwater predator was mere feet away from a woman. 

“I was worried that this could be an attack, and obviously, I was quite scared,” Wood told 7News Perth

In the clip, the swimmers look blissfully unaware as a massive shark encircles them. 

Wood was using his drone from about 800 meters away from the beach. When he noticed the tiger shark in his footage, he ran to the shore to alert the swimmers. 

It was because of his actions that the swimmers were quickly able to make their escape before the worst-case scenario. 

“I’m convinced most of us have had encounters and had no idea!” a user commented on the 7News Perth report. 

“How does the shark feel when he gets home and finds he had such close contact with a predator? No one ever thinks of the sharks do they,” another joked. 

“I would’ve been so disappointed if that’d been me and I’d not seen the shark! What a once in a lifetime opportunity!” someone said

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