Twitch co-founder reveals whether he regrets selling to Amazon

TikTok asked Twitch co-founder Justin Kan if he regrets selling his company and users loved his thoughtful response.

Kan is an entrepreneur and investor who is best known as one of the founding members of Twitch. The streaming platform originally launched as, named after Kan himself. Back in 2007, it was a site where Kan broadcasted a 24/7 stream of his own life via a webcam attached to his head.

Since then, Twitch has become a massive player at the vanguard of the livestreaming revolution. Amazon seized upon this trend early and bought Twitch for $970 million in 2014. As of 2020, some analysts have valued Twitch at around $15 billion.

Which prompted one curious TikToker to ask Kan whether he regrets selling.

“Did we sell too soon??” Kan hypothetically asked in the caption.


Reply to @kevinbacon18 did we sell too soon?? #greenscreen #twitch #startup

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“Well, when we sold Twitch back in 2014 for $970 million, we thought that was an insane amount,” Kan said on his TikTok. “But now, reportedly Twitch is worth $15 to $20 billion, proving that things can always be bigger than you think.”

Kan likes to say he took a 100-yard view of the whole situation. First, he pointed out that Twitch would not be where it’s at now without Amazon’s support. Indeed, Amazon has been throwing its weight into supporting the platform with perks such as free Twitch subscriptions, video game DLC and more for Amazon Prime members.

Moreover, selling Twitch gave Kan a greater perspective on his own happiness.

“Having the win from selling Twitch helped me realize that having more, more, more, more money in the bank is not necessarily going to make me any happier,” Kan elaborated. “So no, I don’t regret selling. Everything’s as it’s supposed to be.”

“Humble guy I like him,” a TikTok user said.

“The VIBES,” another TikTok user responded. “Rich people should go to you for therapy.”

“I’m glad people like you exist,” another wrote. “So many opportunities and creativity. Thank you.”

“I looove streaming so much!!” another said. “Thank you. It’s becoming a job for me and I love it.”

Kan has kept busy with several different ventures since leaving Twitch. He founded and ran the short-lived, AI-powered law firm Atrium in 2017. Currently, he hosts The Quest podcast and serves as an advisor for Theta with fellow entrepreneur Steve Chen, one of the founders of YouTube.

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