TikTok sushi bake recipes all sushi lovers have to try

If you like sushi, you’ll love sushi bake. For the uninitiated, sushi bake is basically a deconstructed version of a sushi roll that’s layered and baked in a casserole dish. It layers rice seasoned with furikake, a creamy layer of mayo and seafood mixture, drizzles of (sometimes spicy) mayonnaise, and more furikake seasoning on top! Once out of the oven, it’s topped with cucumber and avocado. If that description has you hungry for more, here are 5 awesome sushi bakes from TikTok.

Salmon sushi bake

This salmon sushi bake is a great way to pack some protein and omega-3 fatty acids into a meal. Like a lot of sushi bakes, this recipe is spiced up with some Sriracha sauce for a little extra kick. It’s a simple recipe that looks great and tastes better!

Cheesy kani (crab stick) sushi bake

Kani, aka crab sticks, are a super common sushi bake ingredient. This bold recipe adds a cheese sauce to the mayo-laden seafood mixture and then puts even more cheese on top of the whole bake. Once out of the oven, it gets topped with roe to create a delicious sushi bake lasagna hybrid. 

Keto sushi bake


Hiya! Been craving sushi, so I made sushi bake!! The imitation crab is super low carbs! Enjoy!! #keto #sushibake #VivaCleanHacks #fyp #FestiveFashion

♬ Lil Boosie – Drakeo the Ruler

Yup, you can make a low-carb sushi bake! This keto-friendly sushi bake eliminates the rice and pumps up the cheese. It also adds cream cheese to the mayo seafood mixture. Assemble as usual and bake in the air fryer to get your low-carb sushi fix on!

Tamagoyaki (egg) and crab sushi bake

This sushi bake incorporates a layer of tamagoyaki, which is a type of Japanese omelette made by rolling layers of fried eggs together. Does that mean you could eat this sushi bake for breakfast? Why not!

Tuna sushi bake

This simple sushi bake uses a seafood staple that you probably have in your kitchen right now: tuna! Which makes this probably one of the more budget-friendly sushi bakes on this list. 

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