These are the 5 perfumes that will get you the most compliments, according to TikTok

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Everyone wants to smell good, especially when it comes to attracting others. A 2021 study found that scent can affect a person’s self-confidence, which may also impact how attractive they appear to others. Additionally, the study found that scent can affect a person’s judgment of another person’s attractiveness, age, parts of their personality and even success. However, it doesn’t matter if the scent comes from natural pheromones or body spray.

That’s probably why perfume, cologne and home fragrances are some of the most popular products reviewed on TikTok. Plenty of people share videos on the app “rating their most complimented perfumes” or sharing their list of “perfumes that will make you unforgettable.” If you’re overwhelmed by a department store’s fragrance section, TikTok will downright give you a headache — there is just so much perfume content.

Alas, I’ve narrowed it down to five fragrances that have gone viral — the ones that people swear are the best of the best. These are the perfumes that will get you the most compliments, according to TikTok.

1. Glossier You, $64

Credit: Glossier You

You could categorize Glossier You as a “skin scent.” This type of fragrance is meant to smell a little musky, warm and familiar — like your own skin, but better. It’s kind of like the color-changing lip balms from Dior or Winky Lux that combine with your lips’ natural pH levels to create a unique, natural-looking shade just for you. Like a no-makeup makeup look, the point is to elevate what you’re already working with. Don’t get me wrong, Glossier You still has a smell. It features top notes of bright and spicy pink pepper, middle notes of woodsy and musky ambrette seeds and rounds out with the fresh smell of iris.

2. Sol De Janeiro – Brazilian Crush Cheirosa ’62, $38

Credit: Sephora

Sol De Janeiro’s Brazilian Crush Cheriosa ’62 is more of a body spray than a perfume. You can spray it all over, including on your hair and clothes. It has notes of pistachio, salted caramel and vanilla that smell warm and sweet. It’s the brand’s most popular scent — and TikTok’s “It girl” Alix Earle uses it. However, there may be a very specific reason why people love it so much, and it all comes down to the vanilla component. A 2022 study found that vanilla is the world’s most loved scent.

3. Juliette Has a Gun – Not A Perfume, $145

Credit: Sephora

Juliette Has a Gun Not A Perfume is popular on TikTok for similar reasons to Glossier You. Its key note is called cetalox, which, according to its product description, is usually used in perfumery as a base note to enhance other scents. Therefore, Not A Perfume is meant to enhance your natural scent, or you can layer it with other perfumes to give them a little boost. It’s fresh, clean and minimalistic, but it will probably smell different on everyone.

4. Carolina Herrera – Good Girl Eau de Parfum Légère, $110

Credit: Sephora

TikTok thinks Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl Légère is a feminine and sexy scent. Just look at the bottle — it’s modeled after a black and blue stiletto heel. The fragrance is slightly lighter and fresher than the original Good Girl perfume, and it features notes of jasmine, tonka, mandarin and sandalwood. It’s fruity, floral and perfect for date nights.

5. OUAI Melrose Place Eau De Parfum, $64

Credit: OUAI

OUAI is, first and foremost, a hair care brand, and this perfume is the scent of its best-selling Detox Shampoo and Dry Shampoo. Therefore, it’s a clean, floral smell you can wear if you want to feel like you just stepped out of the shower — but smell like it all day long. Well, actually, according to the brand, Melrose Place smells like “LA sunsets and valet parking” with notes of rose, bergamot, lychee, cedarwood and white musk. TikTok loves it, and you’ll probably love it, too.

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