Here’s how to get the TikTok filter that makes you look older

You can now see how you’ll look in 2078 with TikTok’s latest aging filter. 

It’s hard not to be curious about how we’ll age in the future. It doesn’t matter how much SPF we slather on or how thorough our skincare regimen is, aging is inevitable for us all. The new “2078” aging filter on TikTok instantly transforms users into their future selves. It adds wrinkles, gray hair and fine lines to show how facial features may change over time.

The “age challenge” on TikTok 

The new filter sparked the “age challenge” TikTok trend. The hashtag #agechallenge currently has 1.9 billion views. In the challenge, people use the filter and assess their transformations.

TikToker @gima_ashi didn’t look too enthusiastic about her results which added crow’s feet, laugh lines and gray hair. 

The user @arjun_kanungo seemed to be pretty pleased with how he’ll look in 2078. 

When @madambonez used the filter with her boyfriend it only seemed to affect her, much to her chagrin

How to get the “2078” aging filter on TikTok

1. Open up the TikTok app.

2. Go to the “Effects” gallery. 

3. Click the tab, select “Trending” and scroll left to open the “Magic” tab. 

4. Scroll until you find the filter with the yellow smiley face. 

5. Another way of finding the filter is by entering “2078” into the search bar. 

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