TikTok artist decorates windows for Halloween

Victoria Sisco paints residential and business windows in southeast Texas for a living. The artist shares her cool creations on TikTok and, with the upcoming Halloween season approaching, Sisco seems to be really inspired. 

Each of Sisco’s painting videos is moody and relaxing. She usually focuses the camera up close to sections of the painting so all you see at first are her delicate, but precise, brush strokes. Sometimes she’s outlining a work, adding a highlight or painting a detail, but Sisco only reveals the full piece at the end of the TikTok

In one video she recreated a scene from Beetlejuice and in another, she painted Jack and Sally from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” 

But her most popular Halloween artwork might be the scariest of them all: a homage to horror slashers from history. Sisco included Pennywise from “IT,” Chucky, Ghostface from “Scream,” Jason from “Friday the 13th” and Michael Myers from “Halloween.” Each is depicted as a cute animated version of the villain but the cartoonish feel is juxtaposed by the characters wielding their weapons of choice. 

It strikes the perfect balance for a home display. No wonder why business is booming for the painter. In 2020, Sisco quit her job as a dental hygienist to pursue art full time. 

“It was very scary to leave,” Sisco told KFDM. “Then I felt like I quit at the worst time because it was right before the pandemic. I was like, great, now no one is gonna get their windows done, no one is gonna order anything. But actually, it’s been the opposite. It really picked up for me this last year.”

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