TikTok artist uses sponges to make trendy fashion sketches

One artist is making good use out of regular kitchen sponges. 

TikTok user artinveins describes her work as “satisfying art.” She utilizes multiple techniques for each piece, starting with a pencil sketch and then incorporating stencils and sponge paints. The artist has amassed a hefty following of over 96,000 — likely because the final product of her art is usually equally as interesting as the process itself.

In one drawing, Artinveins uses color pencils and markers to draw and color a woman’s face. But she doesn’t fill in the subject’s hair. Instead, she created a stencil with the exact same dimensions of the bob.

She layers the stencil over the original image, then uses a sponge with rainbow paint to pat color onto the hair. When artinveins lifts the stencil, the bob is perfectly colored in with a super cool rainbow gradient. The simple but effective tutorial was watched over 2 million times. 

In an homage to Addison Rae, the TikTok-famous dancer, artinveins colored in everything but Rae’s slip dress.

Artinveins used the same stencil method to give the dress a warm-toned gradient with red, orange, yellow and a pop of green for the straps. 

“Woaah… Thats Cool!” one user wrote

“I love your pictures,” one person commented.

“It’s so cool and cute. I like your designs,” another said. 

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