TikTok Avatars have arrived — here’s how to get one

TikTok is launching avatars to give creators a new way of expressing themselves. 

The app announced in its newsroom today that Avatars are available globally. Users will be able to select from a variety of inclusive outfits, skin tones, hairstyles, piercings and accessories to create an animated version of themselves. Creators can then have their Avatars appear in videos instead of their IRL faces. 

It’s easy to see how the new feature can expand what users can do creatively. But it will also make it easier to remain anonymous on the app. 

In a statement, the company also ensured it would rely on user feedback and its Creator Diversity Collective “to make this the most inclusive and representative experience for our community.” 

“We’re excited to see how people use Avatars to express their creativity and continue exploring ways to bring Avatars into more TikTok experiences, building spaces across TikTok for self-expression and expanding on the ways people connect and create across our global community,” the statement read

How to use TikTok Avatars

Step 1: Open “Effects” and select the “Avatar” effect. 

Step 2: Customize your Avatar using the available options. 

Step 3: When your Avatar is ready, start recording, and it will gesture, move and “mimic your motion,” according to TikTok

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