TikTok star terrorizes social media after revealing how she eats a bagel

A 20-year-old on TikTok has claimed to have discovered the “greatest way to eat a bagel.”

Maddie Goetz, whose TikTok is filled with videos of her eating various snacks in unconventional ways, shared the video of how she eats a bagel with her 1 million followers — most of whom seemed divided over whether her method really was “the greatest.”

“OK guys, I’m going to show you the way I eat my bagel with cream cheese,” Goetz says at the beginning of her video.

Goetz then starts to peel the crust off the top of her bagel, wiping the pieces onto the cream cheese and then eating them. In the end, she’s left with a naked, soft bagel and cream cheese.

“Don’t knock it until you try it,” she says before taking a big bite. “Soft, mushy, amazing.”

“Why did you SKIN THE BAGEL,” one commenter asked.

“This ruined my night,” another added.

Other accounts seemed intrigued by the hack.

“I love to deconstruct what I eat,” one user wrote. “I do this with pizza if I’m alone and just chilling.”

The way people cut and eat their bagels have long sparked controversy on the internet. In June 2020, social media was set ablaze in response to a woman’s photo of her husband’s bagel cutting method.

“I never understood all the fuss around interfaith marriage. Then I watched my non-Jewish husband cut a bagel like this, and honestly, I get it now,” the woman joked.

The state of New Jersey’s official Twitter account even chimed in, simply replying to the visual with: “What.”

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