A new TikTok baking hack claims you should cut desserts ‘middle-out’

It feels like there’s a new TikTok baking hack every week — or even every day.

Still, the latest kitchen tip to go viral feels pretty revolutionary, especially during the holiday baking season.

The trick comes courtesy of the popular TikTokers at ASAPScience. Their clip, which has more than 500,000 views, explains why you should always cut your desserts from the middle.

In the video, captioned, “smartest way to cut a cake,” ASAPScience claims its tip will “change your life.”


I can’t believe I was doing it any other way before ##learnontiktok ##tiktokpartner

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Basically, the trick works for anything, from banana bread and cinnamon-raisin bread to cakes and other rectangular desserts. Cutting your first slice from the center, the video claims, will ensure that you get the warmest, moistest piece of dessert possible.

From there, ASAPScience suggests pushing the ends of the dessert together, which will keep the center nice and warm. Then, when you’re ready to cut a new piece, you can do the same thing over again.

As the clip explains, keeping the ends pushed together minimizes exposed surface area, which helps keep your treats fresh.

“It’s still gonna be moist when we come back later,” the ASAPScience TikToker says.

Overall, TikTok users seemed to praise the baking hack, with many calling it “game-changing.”

“Baking is a science,” one user wrote.

“That’s so smart!” another added.

“It’s embarrassing to say how long it took me to get this,” another wrote.

“Why is my mind blown right now?” another user asked.

Some users were a bit more critical, with many saying they preferred crispy end pieces — or simply claiming they’d want to eat the entire dessert in one sitting.

A few users also asked how the hack could work for round cakes. For that, we’d suggest this other viral TikTok hack.

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