TikTok baristas reveal the most insane Starbucks orders

Being a barista is a tough job. Between thankless customers and viral drinks, baristas really don’t get enough credit. Recently, a barista shared a very long drink order (#Edward) on social media that had other coffee shop employees commiserating through equally complicated customer drink orders. Here are 5 of the wildest drink orders TikTok baristas have served up. 

A drink that broke multiple blenders

You know it’s time to change up your drink order when it starts breaking a coffee shop’s equipment. Apparently this customer would order a green tea frappuccino with 8 scoops of protein powder and enough ice to make the drink the consistency of ice cream. The filmer reveals that the drink was so thick that it physically broke 2 of the coffee shop’s blenders! 

A 64-ounce half-and-half drink

This drink order is so out there it’s almost scary. According to the filmer, this customer would apparently come in with their own 64 oz. cup and ask it to be filled with a breve—which is a milk-based espresso drink that uses steamed half-and-half instead of milk. The customer would also ask for 15 pumps of vanilla syrup on top of that, and 2 shots of espresso. “I did the math, 3,368 calories,” wrote the filmer in the comments. 

A latte with no latte art

This order isn’t complicated as much as it’s just kind of weird. According to this TikTok barista, a customer ordered a latte but firmly requested no latte art. When their latte arrived with a foam swan on top, they stormed out and promised to never return.

A viral TikTok drink


Tik tok drinks will be the death of me😂 #starbucks #starbucksdrinks #fyp

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One of the main reasons baristas believe coffee orders are more complicated than ever is because of TikTok drink order trends. This particular order starts out innocently enough as a strawberry açaí refresher, but then the modifications pile on to create the Frankenstein’s monster of drink orders. 

Modified Chai Crème Frappuccino 

Another amazingly complicated order from this barista. They share a regular customer’s repeat order that involves 11 pumps of a cream base, 6 pumps of chai, and a very specific amount of ice, triple blended. The kicker? The customer wanted this made with the lid on so that nothing spilled to ensure she “got everything that she paid for.”

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