TikTok beauty guru uses common household item to apply makeup

Every now and then a makeup hack comes along that just blows your mind.

Before it was red lipstick as eye concealer and face baking, now one beauty guru has gotten even more creative. TikTok influencer Felicia Gatti provides short and sweet makeup tips and tricks, but there’s one tutorial in particular that stands out among the rest. 

In the clip, Felicia uses a dinner fork to contour her nose. The beauty guru holds a fork up to her nose bridge so that the prongs come just between the inner corners of her eyes. The four prongs create three spaces that line up with her nose. Felicia then adds contour in the two spaces on the sides. 

Next, she places highlighter in the middle space. She removes the fork and connects the two contours lines at the tip of her nose. Felicia then goes in with a brush to blend everything together. Finally, she adds three lines of setting powder on top of the original lines. In the end, you’d never notice her adorably glowy nose was achieved with assistance from a fork. 

TikTok users viewed the video over 5.4 million times. Many said they wanted to try the unique DIY technique. 

“Omg, this is amazing! Going to try tomorrow,” one user wrote.

“Woah, OK, I’m trying this,” another added

“Mind blown,” one person commented

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