Bride-to-be shares best wedding tips she’s learned from TikTok: ‘This is huge’

A bride-to-be took notes from TikTok and made a list of the best wedding advice she learned on the app. 

While wedding planning, Paige used TikTok as a source of information to “save me stress” and make her “wedding and life easier.” She created a series about her findings called “Things I Learned from Wedding TikTok,” and it’s jam-packed with helpful tips. 

Paige learned to hold off on tipping vendors until after they’ve delivered the product. Otherwise, you could get burned. For every task that normally takes a bride five minutes, expect them to take 30 minutes on the wedding day. 

“This is huge for your timeline,” Paige said

Another tip was to use an envelope moistener so that you don’t have to lick all the envelopes for your wedding invitations. She also loved the idea of a unique guestbook that’s also a calendar. 

“Have guests put their message on their birthdate on the calendar so then you actually have their birthdays on your calendar,” she explained. “We are doing this because I can never remember someone’s birthday.” 

The helpful video racked up 3.3 million views on TikTok. 

“Can confirm. I send a LOT of mail at work, and the envelope moisteners are a lifesaver!” someone commented

“I already take 30 minutes to get dressed. I’m gonna have to put my dress on THE DAY BEFORE my wedding,” another joked

“The calendar is AN AMAZING IDEA,” a person wrote

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