Man leaves TikTok users dumbfounded with ‘insane’ breakfast-making hack: ‘Do this every day’

An all-new TikTok breakfast hack has users on the app rethinking the way they eat eggs.

For months now, TikTokers have been wowing viewers with their innovative hacks for making eggs. Need a better way to crack an egg? There’s a hack for that. Want to separate egg whites faster? Sure, they’ve got that too. There’s even a hack for cooking an egg inside a burger.

A new video from user Christian Romo, however, is something else entirely. In his clip, the TikToker showed his followers how he normally eats breakfast — by stuffing scrambled eggs inside a “pocket” of toast.

“Do this every day,” Romo captioned his video.


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The breakfast hack is simple, in theory, but commenters called it “insane” or “game-changing” — mainly because it seems many had never thought of it. Apparently, if you cook your toast just right, you can split it open into a sort of … uhh … egg purse?

According to Romo, the TikTok breakfast hack starts by cutting the crust off one side of a slice of toast. It seems like you want some pretty thick toast to pull this off, too.

Then, pull the bread open and stuff it with eggs — or any other food you want, for that matter! The trick, if it works, seems to make almost any meal portable.

TikTok users seemed similarly excited by the hack.

“Omg that’s so sick,” one user wrote.

“I had no idea bread opened like that,” another added.

“This changes the game,” another wrote.

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