TikTok’s new cake-cutting hack? Just use a wineglass

Who couldn’t use a new cake-cutting hack?

The worst part of any birthday party is almost always the part where someone — often, the one celebrating the birthday — has to cut up the cake. It’s messy, it’s annoying and, unless you’re a pastry chef, it takes forever.

Thankfully, TikTok seems to have a solution to that problem. The fix comes from a user named Rose, who shared a video of her 20-year-old daughter cutting her birthday cake.

The family’s trick: Use a wineglass.


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In Rose’s clip, her daughter begins scooping the cake with a tall wineglass, capturing a slice-sized ball inside her cup. Each party attendee seems to follow suit, too.

TikTok users seemed largely impressed by the cake-cutting hack, which supposedly saves time and dishes — since each person can just eat out of their glass. Many commenters on Rose’s video called the method “genius” and even “life-changing.”

“I think you just discovered something,” one user wrote.

“I’ve never seen someone do this,” another added.

“That’s actually really smart,” another wrote.

A few users complained that the wineglass hack would make eating the cake more difficult, or that it would actually make doing dishes worse. Those naysayers were few and far between, though.

Rose isn’t the first TikTok user to share their unconventional cutting hack in recent months. Another trick, which claims you can cut a watermelon with a Pringles can, has also been going viral on the app.

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