TikTok calls out Bravo for pulling episodes from ‘Southern Charm’

According to Deadline, an episode from the third season of Bravo’s “Southern Charm” is currently being re-edited to cut out references to a plantation and a “slave cemetery.”

The popular reality series chronicles the lives of socialites living in Charleston, S.C. and is in production of its seventh season.

The discovery was made by TikTok user Kiki, who goes by thetalkofshame on the platform, who uploaded a video exposing the episode removals on August 12.


Did #Bravo think we wouldn’t notice the missing #SouthernCharm episodes? #bravotv

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The episode Kiki includes in her initial TikTok involves two characters taking a tour of a plantation, with one of them referencing a nearby slave cemetery, in such a casual tone, you might miss it. Kiki also pointed out that the second episode of season one and the first and eighth episodes of season four were also missing.

Kiki was originally trying to find a scene that she knew happened in the first season when she discovered the missing episodes. The scene in question is of former cast member Thomas Ravenel eating lunch with his father, ex-Congressman Arthur Ravenel Jr. Arthur tells his son — on camera, which aired on primetime TV — that he likes to get rid of $5 bills because Abraham Lincoln is pictured on them.

The scene is featured in another one of Kiki’s TikToks.

In a follow-up video in conjunction with a Variety article covering the story, Kiki explains that “with the Black Lives Matter movement at the forefront, a lot of media companies were reviewing some of their past episodes — Bravo being one of them. They saw these episodes and decided to remove them because of some ‘racially charged moments’ within them.”

Kiki’s TikTok and the Deadline article said that three of the episodes have been reinstated on streaming sites, but the one Kiki showed in her initial TikTok video is being re-edited.

In The Know reached out to NBC Universal, Bravo’s parent company, for a comment on the saga. According to the spokesperson, neither NBCU nor Bravo have an official statement, but “the information in the Deadline article is correct.” In The Know also confirmed that only one “Southern Charm” episode is being re-edited.

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