A new TikTok card trick is supposedly ‘predicting’ users’ behavior

A new TikTok card trick is blowing millions of users’ minds.

It’s all thanks to a user named Micah Tilton (@its_tilton). In mid-July, Tilton posted a video of a “game” that can almost always predict a player’s answer. How? Math!

Mental tricks like these have gone viral on TikTok countless times before. In the past, users have shared creepy optical illusions, “calculations” for finding your soulmate and a quiz that can allegedly tell whether or not you’re a psychopath.

Even among those trends, Tilton’s card game stands out. The trick begins with a grid of nine cards — each marked with a different symbol. He starts by asking players to pick a card and, when everything’s said and done, usually manages to figure out which one they picked.


Did I get it right??? ##puzzle

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You can watch Tilton’s video to play, but here’s the general gist. He starts by asking you to pick one card — then, each round, he tells you to move spaces a set number of times.

After each round, he removes one of the cards. Then he repeats the process until there’s just one card left.

Although players get to change their cards every round, it seems like Tilton still usually manages to guess what they selected. Many commenters were dumbfounded.

“How is that possible?” one user wrote.

“He read me like a book,” another added.

So how does it work? Thankfully, Tilton recently posted a follow-up video explaining his game. The answer is pretty simple.


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♬ original sound – its_tilton

As Tillton reveals in that clip, the answer lies in how many times he asks you to “change” your card each round. Every card in the grid is marked on the back — four are white, and five are black.

The game, thanks to Tilton, always starts with a player picking a white card. From there, he forces them to move squares either an even number of times or an odd number of times.

If they move an odd number, they’ll end up changing colors (from white to black, or vice-versa). But, if they move an even number, they’re guaranteed to stay on a square of the same color.

So, once Tilton knows that, all he has to do is eliminate a white or black card every round, based on where he knows the player can’t be.

“It doesn’t matter where you go — up, down, left or right — you’re going to land on an opposite-colored card,” he says in the video.

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