10 celebrity doppelgängers on TikTok that will make you do a double-take

It may seem like most celebrities have won a rare genetic lottery when it comes to conventional beauty, but some stars have genuine doppelgängers out there.

These TikTok users look like they could be the clones of some of Hollywood’s finest — and we can’t look away. Here are some of the best celebrity doppelgängers on TikTok.

1. Eric Schultz as John Krasinski 

TikTok user Eric Schultz looks eerily like John Krasinski. In May, he even recorded a video where he reprised Krasinski’s role as Jim Halpert from “The Office.” Jim, is that you?!

2. Grace Tulevech as Ryan Reynolds


g o s h rent isn’t free and i have to pay @37_mongolian_pharmacists soon #ryan #twins

♬ original sound – gwace

Vlogger Grace Tulevech was a bit shocked when she heard that she resembled “Deadpool”‘s Ryan Reynolds — you know, on account of him being a man and all. But then she saw the actor without a beard and, well, you’ll just have to watch the clip to see for yourself.

3. Paige Niemann as Ariana Grande

With over 7.8 million followers on TikTok, Paige Niemann has made a career as a celebrity doppelgänger. She doesn’t just copy the “Thank U, Next” singer’s makeup style, but her mannerisms too. It’s spooky.

4. Janice Garay as J.Lo

Bodybuilder Janice Garay looks strikingly similar to Jennifer Lopez. Garay first became notable for her similar complexion, hair and cheekbones in 2017 when she was featured on Instagram’s Explore page.

5. Priscila Beatrice as Rihanna

TikTok user Priscila Beatrice is the spitting image of Rihanna and she knows it. In August, she posted a TikTok in which the big reveal is simply her uncanny resemblance to the “Work” singer. Her face speaks for itself.

6. Traumarn13 as Taylor Swift

Ashley, or TikTok user traumarn13, is a nurse who swears she gets mistaken for Taylor Swift all the time. We can see why!

7. Will Parfitt as Channing Tatum

Dubbed Australia’s very own Channing Tatum, Will Parfitt is a male stripper, much like the “Magic Mike” star was in his past. If you want to get a taste of his routines, be sure to follow him on TikTok.

8. Celina Sharma as Camila Cabello

Another celebrity doppelgänger who hails from Australia, Celina Sharma is a singer that looks nearly identical to “Señorita” singer Camila Cabello. All she needs now is her very own Shawn Mendes.

9. Alyssa McKay as Dove Cameron


check out my ïg for the side by side comparison! ur makeup tutorial is so dewy and natural I love it 😍 @dovecameron

♬ original sound – Tom Spinley

TikTok star Alyssa McKay looks like Dove Cameron’s clone. She looks so much like Dove Cameron, in fact, that the actress herself tweeted a video of McKay getting mistaken for her and wrote, “Amazing.” Amazing, indeed.

10. Vampy Jordan as Johnny Depp

TikTok lip-syncing star Jordan Williams, aka Vampy Jordan, is known for leaning into his celebrity doppelgänger’s aesthetics. Head to his account and take a look at his uncanny Depp impersonations. He’s dressed up as Wade Walker, the actor’s character from “Cry-Baby,” as well as an older, off-duty Captain Jack Sparrow.

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