TikTok chef cooks a piece of tuna in his hot tub: ‘This is insane!’

This TikToker’s secret to cooking perfect tuna? Use your hot tub!

Max The Meat Guy (@maxthemeatguy) is a chef who specializes in cooking meat and getting creative with his recipes. While he generally uses a stove to cook, Max decided to make a TikTok video showing viewers how to cook a perfect tuna steak in a hot tub.

The video begins with Max standing outside his house holding a piece of tuna. “No sous vide? No problem!” he exclaims. Instead, Max shows TikTok viewers how to use a hot tub to sous vide the tuna. 

Sous vide is a style of cooking that involves placing ingredients in a bag and then submerging them in warm water. The ingredients are then cooked at a precisely controlled temperature until they are done.

While sous vide cooking generally calls for a specialized device and a relatively small container of water, Max employs the same basic principles when using his hot tub for cooking!

Max starts by seasoning the tuna with a bit of salt and then places it in a resealable plastic bag. He sets his hot tub to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, then places the tuna in the tub.

To better enjoy the cooking experience, Max also dons a pair of swim trunks, cracks open a beer and sits in the hot tub while the tuna cooks. “This was the best party I’ve been to in months,” he jokes. 

Once cooked through, Max removes the tuna from the hot tub and seasons it with everything bagel seasoning. Then, he lightly pan-sears the tuna and garnishes it with some pickled radishes, ginger wasabi dressing and freshly grated Buddha’s hand (an aromatic citrus fruit originally cultivated in China). 

‘Tuna hot tub party’

Viewers were impressed by Max’s hot tub tuna recipe, and some even begged to be invited to his next hot tub tuna party.

“Tuna hot tub party is my kind of party,” one TikToker wrote. 

“This is insane! Might have to try that in ours!” another viewer commented. 

“So fun. Love your creative way to cook!” wrote another TikToker. 

Others were more skeptical of Max’s hot tub cooking technique. 

“That’s pretty smart, although it’s a more expensive sous vide,” one commenter pointed out. 

“Imagine not having a stove but having a hot tub,” another TikToker joked. 

Max’s hot tub tuna recipe might be functional, but it’s probably not that practical. After all, heating up a full hot tub of water can be pretty pricey. But Max understands that sometimes, when it comes to cooking, creativity and fun are more important than practicality!

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