TikTok chefs are jumping on the ‘Squid Game’ trend

Chefs all over TikTok are hopping on the Squid Game cookie trend.

Since its Netflix debut, the South Korean drama Squid Game has captivated audiences worldwide. But for some fans, just watching the series isn’t enough. Some people want to compete alongside the show! So it’s no surprise that many Squid Game viewers have taken one of the show’s challenges to TikTok.

TikTok’s Squid Game cookie trend is based on the challenge in which the show’s competitors must make a honeycomb-shaped wafer cookie called dalgona candy and then painstakingly carve shapes into the ultra-thin candy. If the dalgona breaks, the player is brutally eliminated from the game. Now, TikTokers are making the recipe to see if they could survive the Squid Games themselves. 

Also known as Korean honeycomb toffee, dalgona candy is made from sugar and baking soda and has an image imprinted on it. The snack also has a gaming feature, as children in Korea will often try to poke around the outline without breaking the picture.

Dalgona candy recipe

TikToker Michelle (@mic.hee.hee) recently posted a video featuring her mom’s recipe for dalgona candy, and it looks incredible. 

First, Michelle’s mom grinds sugar on a baking sheet and spreads it around to prevent the candy from sticking. She then fills a ladle with sugar and holds it over the stove. 

Once the sugar looks translucent, she gently mixes it until the color turns golden brown and any lumps have dissolved.

Then she adds a pinch of baking soda and mixes it over the stove until the consistency is even before pouring it onto the sugar-covered baking sheet. Michelle advises not to press down the dalgona mix too quickly once it’s on the tray. 

Finally, she takes a metal flattening device and presses it down on the dalgona. Once flat, the TikToker’s mom places a cookie cutter in the center (a star in this case) and then uses the metal press to stamp down on the star cookie mold. 

After removing the cookie cutter and giving one final press, the dalgona candy is ready for the challenge. While Michelle’s didn’t make it past the first prick, that didn’t stop people from mentioning how perfect it looked.  

Plenty more TikTokers have undertaken the challenge. This video featuring an outline of a chick is quite the emotional roller coaster, while this user has a clever (and familiar to those who’ve seen the show) needle strategy for carving out the shapes. One user even managed to cut out the show’s signature umbrella shape without breaking it. While the commitment is impressive, let’s hope TikTokers stick to making candy instead of trying the show’s other challenges.

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