Man captivates TikTok with interior of aunt’s highly unusual house

A TikTok user has gone viral with his first-ever posted video, which offered a glimpse inside his aunt’s rather unusual home.

The TikToker, named Matt, has captivated viewers on the platform with a brief tour of his aunt’s dwelling, which happens to be a beautifully refurbished church.

As Matt, whose user name is fittingly @saint.matthew, pans around the space in his video — which has been viewed over 8.8M times — one can see some structural elements that are typically unique to churches, such as vaulted ceilings, gothic windows and wooden staircases.

Although the space has been beautifully redecorated since it served as a place of worship, TikTokers are still obsessed with the home’s eccentric nature.

“Forget cottage core, ✨church core✨,” wrote one user.

“I’m not religious but suddenly i wanna live in a church,” said another.

“I’d burn to a crisp of I crossed the threshold but that’s a gorgeous interior,” joked a third.

Still, despite the home’s chic decor, others were not sold on the aesthetic of living in a former church.

“Why do I feel like it’s 100% more likely to be haunted,” said one user.

“I just know it’s haunted,” echoed another.

“Say hi to the demons for me,” wrote a third.

The renovated church isn’t the first odd home to go viral on social media in recent months.

There was also this viral house listing in Pennsylvania with a spaceship-themed dining room, this McMansion with a mini village in the basement, this strange apartment in New Orleans with a toilet smack dab in the middle of the stairwell landing and this absolutely chaotic abode with a giant bathtub room.

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