What’s up with that TikTok song about coconuts?

TikTok is obsessed with a new pop bop that’s all about body acceptance. 

German pop singer Kim Petras performed one of her newest songs “Coconuts” at the MTV European Music Awards (EMAs) in Budapest on Nov. 14. The single celebrates boobs by using a ton of visual metaphors, including everything from hot air balloons to the Olsen twins. Now TikTok can’t get enough of the raunchy disco song. 

What is the “Coconuts” song on TikTok? 

Petras debuted her new single, slated for a Jan. 21, 2022 release, at the EMAs. Emerging from a giant fake coconut, Petras sang the homage to her chest. 

Some of the lyrics are

My coconuts, watch ’em bounce up and down

(Bounce up and down, bounce up and down)

As a prominent trans woman, Petras is a global LGBTQIA+ icon. In 2008 at 16, she became the youngest person in the world to undergo gender confirmation surgery. It’s not surprising that her song was popularized by the LGBTQIA+ community first on TikTok. 


Our coconuts 🥥 🥥 @jansportnyc12 @Kylie Sonique Love @kimpetras

♬ coconuts by kim petras – Kim Petras

Rupaul’s Drag Race alumni Crystal Methyd, Jan and Kylie Sonique Love lip-synced to the song in a video. 

“When you accidentally sing the new Kim Petras song while walking in public,” @exrotic said in a skit


Not my mum stanning @kimpetras 😂🥥 #coconuts #fy

♬ coconuts by kim petras – Kim Petras

“When you’ve had two boob jobs and your husband approves the third,” @joebxggs captioned a video of his mom dancing with a fruit basket on her head. 

TikToker @iamjackdonovan stuffed his sweater while dancing to the song

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