Wordle is getting reincarnated on TikTok

TikTokers are reincarnating Wordle, the word-guessing game that dominated 2022. 

In the official game, users have six tries to guess the daily word, with the only hints coming from their prior attempts. 

The New York Times owns Wordle, but the version on TikTok has nothing to do with it. It’s a filter from Kasai Green (@bykasai), who previously made viral filters on TikTok.

The Wordle filter is essentially a word scramble. When you start the video, a jumbled word comes on the screen, but there is one letter in green — which means the letter is the right one in the right place. 


The Wordle effect I made a week back #fypシ #blackcreators

♬ original sound – Kasai

Green’s filter has nearly 150,000 videos under it. Green designed the filter for a 10-second video, but users clamored for a faster one.

“Please I need a faster timer,” said @_kendallkay.

“I updated it, I have a new video explaining how it works now,” Green replied. 

Green delivered. 


Made the changes last night 😵‍💫 #wordle

♬ original sound – Kasai

He updated the filter to have a normal version and a “Speed Mode,” which cuts the time to five seconds. Green also added more words to the filter’s word bank. 

Even though it’s only one five-letter word, some users have had trouble figuring it out. 

“Tell me why I thought it was error,” said @kaylapers0n in the comments. 

“The way i said rodeo,” replied @alpy_mf.

I said apply like app-lee,” @savannahhazelton said. 

The TikTok community is jumping back on the Wordle wave thanks to Green. With so much success in just a couple of weeks, expect to see those little green and yellow tiles all over your feed.

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