TikTok creator Tinx shares ‘hot takes’ on situationships (absolutely not) and hot sauce on salad (heck yeah)

TikTok creator Tinx (aka Christina Najjar) is turning up the heat on salads — as well as a few Gen Z trends too.

The “big sister of TikTok” officially launched her partnership with Tabasco hot sauce on Feb. 1, and the collab features the limited-edition salad dressing Tabasco x Tinx avocado jalapeño hot sauce dressing. The union plays off of Tinx’s love of hot sauce, which she’s spotlighted in multiple posts on her 1.5 million-strong TikTok feed (complete with a sparkly Tabasco bottle).

“I have been obsessed with hot sauce as dressing for as long as I can remember,” Tinx told In The Know by Yahoo at the launch event in Los Angeles on Feb. 1. “I’ve also been obsessed with Tabasco for — I mean, I’ve been a lifelong fan — especially the green one. And when I started creating content, I would always say online, as a joke, ‘Normalize hot sauce as dressing.'”

The spicy pairing is a unique one for the hot sauce brand, considering Tinx is the first influencer it’s worked with in its 154-year history. But while it might be unique, it’s certainly an organic mashup.

“We knew that Tinx was already a brand fan, using our product in a unique way so she was a natural fit as our first-ever talent partner collaboration,” Lee Susen, chief sales and marketing officer at McIlhenny Co., owners of Tabasco, said in a statement. “Innovation is a priority for us, especially products that tap into cultural trends and excite hot sauce fans.”


Mission to normalize #HotSauceDressing complete ✅ I’ve partnered with the most iconic and my favorite hot sauce makers at @tabascobrand to co-create a limited-edition hot sauce dressing 🥑🌶️ 🥗 #ad Check out the Amazon link in my bio to order while supplies last!

♬ original sound – Tinx

And with so many Gen Z TikTokers calling out creators for a lack of authenticity and “misleading” users when supporting brands — leading to a call for “de-influencing” — the natural pairing of Tinx and Tabasco is arguably an exercise in a collab gone right.

“It’s just a very cool moment,” Tinx, who also hosts a radio show and podcast, said about the partnership.

‘Hot takes’ from Tinx

In addition to her love of hot sauce, Tinx also shared her “hot takes” on Gen Z trends and upcoming holidays.

While the creator is a fan of Valentine’s Day — “Love it! It’s about love — all sorts of love. You don’t have to be in a relationship to enjoy Valentine’s Day,” she said — she doesn’t subscribe to “situationships,” or undefined romantic relationships.

“Not for me! I don’t believe in situationships,” Tinx told In The Know. “Either you like someone or you don’t. I’m not about the talking phase. I’m not about confused mixed messages. 2023 is all about being honest about your feelings.”

Speaking of honesty, TikTok’s “big sister” offered this advice about what Gen Z-ers should know before they turn 30:

“Gen Z should invest in a great eye cream, and just know that all the things that they make fun of us for, they will eventually feel cringe about too.”

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