Starbucks barista reveals her most bizarre customer encounter ever

A TikTok customer service video trend has users sharing some of their most bizarre work stories.

The Stitch trend, started by a user named @dinochickennugget6, challenges retail and service workers to share the “one thing” they never thought they’d have to explain to an adult. As it turns out, some TikTokers have gotten some pretty strange questions on the job.

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Take user for example. The TikToker, who claimed she was or currently is a Starbucks barista, reenacted a memorable exchange she had with a customer.

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In the now-viral clip, the TikToker pretends to be the former customer, who allegedly asked for ice only at the “bottom” of her drink.

“Yeah can I get an iced coffee, but you can you put the ice in the bottom?” she says, playing the alleged former customer.

The “customer” proceeds to add that they don’t like when their ice “floats to the top,” to which replies, “I can’t control physics.” Needless to say, commenters were pretty surprised by the supposed exchange.

“That’s bad customer service! Try harder to control physics!” one user joked.

Still, the request may not be as bizarre as it sounds. Other users claiming to be Starbucks employees chimed in to say they’d received similar questions.

“I’ve also had this before,” one user wrote. “There are multiple people who don’t know how ice works.”

The video from drew more than 1.2 million views, but somehow, it may not have been the most memorable story. Following suit, other TikTokers shared times they’d had to explain to customers that peppers come in different colors, as well as the fact that Target and Walmart are two different places.

A user named @kazascoot shared a particularly odd exchange, which apparently took place while he was working at a café. In his reenactment, the TikToker claimed he once helped a customer who asked him what a Raspberry wasafter they’d just ordered a raspberry donut.


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