Dad transforms unused room into incredible sleepover hangout

One ingenious dad on TikTok has made sleepovers a lot more fun for his kids! Handyman Matt D (@kc_mattd) made some clever renovations to create a bedroom that allowed both of his kids to have sleepovers on the same night. And did we mention that he breakdanced while doing it?

Matt joked that his kids “told [him] to get his little butt upstairs … and just make it happen.” The crafty dad then proceeded to convert a room that hadn’t been used in years into a kid’s paradise, with two beds built into the wall to accommodate everyone.


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Matt approached the task with a sense of humor, pausing to dance every step of the way. The final result is amazing.

Part of the process involved tearing down existing drywall and building beds into it, creating more space in the room and fun nooks for the kids to sleep in. This allows the siblings to sleep in the same room without having to actually see or interact with each other (unless they want to)!

Father of the year

This viral TikTok has racked up more than 15 million views, and viewers can’t stop gushing about how amazing Matt’s project turned out to be.

One user wrote, “Those #1 Dad mugs were made for you.”

Another TikToker commented, “Imagine going over to someone’s house and their dad built a room just so you could sleep over.” 

Matt’s TikTok is full of many other home projects including a bed with secret compartments and a shelving unit that holds everything from shoes to a TV.

Matt is clearly a dedicated dad, considering that these home projects must take hours or even days! And it looks as if he gets serious joy from improving his home and making his kids happy. 

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