TikTok dad shares ‘best birth control’ ever

This TikTok parent’s depiction of life before and after kids is a hilarious form of “birth control.”

TikToker Bryan Albrandt (@bryanalbrandt) is a parent and self-described “semi-adult” who’s garnered a large following for his funny and relatable parenting content. Recently, Albrandt shared a video on life before and after kids, which he refers to as the best “birth control” ever. And while most viewers thought it was hilarious, others also found it effective!

The tongue-in-cheek clip features a montage of Albrandt describing how sweet life was before becoming a parent and how having kids “ruined” everything.

“So you wanna have kids, huh?” Albrandt asks while scrubbing a wall covered in crayon scribbles. He lets out a cautionary chuckle while the camera zooms out, revealing a misspelled rendering of a popular childhood word.

Because of parenthood, keeping a tidy house has taken a back seat for Albrandt. “I used to have a nice, clean house every single day. Now I don’t even clean the house ‘cause it’s just going to get wrecked in 20 minutes anyway,” he warns right before tripping over a bunch of toys on wheels. 

Since having kids, even heading out the door is a big production for Albrandt. “I used to leave the house with just my phone, wallet and keys. That was it. Now I have to bring my phone, wallet, keys, stroller, diaper bag, toys, extra clothes for the ki-… Oh my god, the kids. Where are the kids?” 

Albrandt’s musical tastes have also taken a hit ever since children entered the equation. “I used to blast gangster rap and heavy metal in my car until my ears bled. Now I listen to songs about fire trucks and heavy machinery.”

“This video is too effective.”

The clever video struck a chord with parents and non-parents alike for its hilarious relatability and effectiveness. 

“I almost forgot what sports are because CoComelon and Paw Patrol [are] embedded in my brain now,” one parent shared. 

“I was thinking about having kids soon, but this video was too effective,” joked one user.

Despite Albrandt’s hot take on having kids, the TikToker certainly knows how to mine the ups and downs of parenting for comedy gold.

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