TikTok discovered a store that exclusively sells lost luggage

A TikToker named Stefani Colvin introduced her followers to an incredible wonder: Unclaimed Baggage, a retailer of lost luggage.

Colvin and a friend took a trip to a local Unclaimed Baggage center, a brick-and-mortar store where lost luggage is resold at a discount price. If you’re looking for interesting finds or prefer things secondhand, Unclaimed Baggage is like shopping at a humongous thrift store. 

“To we went to one of the only unclaimed baggage stores in the whole United States,” Colvin said in the video. “This store gets all the baggage that is lost from the airlines and is put here for people to shop. You can find designer things in here, new things like, Boohoo, Asos, Zara. And also sometimes you can find some vintage pieces.” 

The TikToker uncovered all kinds of cool clothes from labels like Burberry, Prada and Converse. 

“I’ve been many times it’s so cool and has way more things besides clothes,” one user commented

“I need to go here, OMG,” another said

Airlines use sophisticated tracking technology to reunite patrons with 99.5 percent of their bags, according to Unclaimed Baggage. When airlines can’t recover luggage, they pay customers for the lost goods. But when luggage is really lost and no one comes looking for it, after the standard three-month search, it may end up at Unclaimed Baggage. This orphaned luggage is roughly .03 percent of all checked airline baggage and, boy, do people leave some goodies behind. 

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