TikTok debunks viral dishwasher hack: ‘Totally wrong’

TikTok hacks can be hit or miss, but some of them are just completely wrong.

Scott Jeffreys, a father of three, is pretty new to TikTok, but he’s already gone viral for his discovery of a dishwasher feature.

“Who knew? I’ve been doing it wrong forever!” Jeffreys captioned the TikTok, which has now accumulated almost 4 million views.

In the clip, Jeffreys films himself putting a pod into the designated detergent cup and then closing the lid — simple enough.

But then, in the next shot, Jeffreys shows that the dishwasher pod perfectly fits in the space next to the detergent cup. After closing the lid a second time, it’s revealed that when the pod is in this new spot next to the cup, it can be seen through the lid’s grate — seemingly giving the pod better access to the water that cleans the dishes.

Have we all been cleaning our dishes incorrectly this whole time?

Not exactly. There is a purpose for that slot next to the detergent cup, but it’s for dishwasher powder used during the pre-rinse cycle.

“That’s totally wrong, you got it right the first time,” someone commented.

Jeffreys himself seemed to realize that he had made a mistake, but the video had taken off.

“I know, I realized about 300k views ago,” he replied. “It’s gone crackers.”

There are two silver linings to Jeffreys’ blunder. The first being that he taught some viewers that you keep the plastic on the detergent pod before putting it in the dishwasher.

“I’m sorry what??” another person commented. “You’re supposed to leave the plastic wrap on??”

The second: A lot of people recommended just throwing the pod into the back of the dishwasher and not even bothering with the container on the inside of the dishwasher door.

According to those users, many dishwasher manuals (which, frankly, nobody reads) and plumbers have said that it’s a lot more effective — especially since some dishwashers won’t actually release the detergent pod until about a third of the way into washing.

“All my life I’ve been living a lie,” one TikToker replied.

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