TikTok DIY guru shares cheap, genius hack for drapes

Shayla, who goes by hammsmom on TikTok, gives DIY and home decor tips. The mom’s short and sweet videos offer a variety of helpful hacks to make your living space more efficient or beautiful. Shayla goes beyond the same tricks you’ve seen floating around online for years, which is probably why projects like her homemade stove cover rack up 3 million views or her simple suggestion to use a rubber broom to clean up pet hair was watched 1.1 million times. 

The DIY guru’s curtain hack is an easy and inexpensive way to elevate your drapes. All you need is cardboard rolls from wrapping paper, paper towels or bathroom tissue. 

Shayla cuts the rolls into three-inch segments. Then she rethreads the curtain onto the rod as usual, except she adds a toilet paper roll every other notch. That’s all. When Shayla hangs the curtains again, they look fuller with larger pleats. Best of all, the toilet rolls aren’t visible at all. 

TikTok users watched Shayla’s hack 5.3 million times. A lot of people were very stoked to try the home hack. 

“Girl, I’m a 10-plus-year designer and this is genius!!! Do you hear me? GENIUS,” one TikTok user wrote

“I totally did this! Makes a huge difference,” one user said

“I just screamed at my kids to not throw away toilet paper rolls,” another joked

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