TikToker finds her 2020 goal list from January and well …

A New York City-based comedian recently rediscovered the list of goals she made for 2020.

Robyn Schall was going through old notebooks when she found the very optimistic entry she wrote in December 2019 and couldn’t stop laughing.

“When I came across it, I just started laughing because it was such a different person,” she told BuzzFeed News. “Everything on the list is just so funny because it’s everything taken away from us.”

Schall recorded a TikTok — complete with a fresh glass of wine — as she re-read her resolutions.

“Excuse my looks I’m just, you know, in the middle of hitting rock bottom,” Schall says in the now-viral clip. But I found my goal list that I made in December. My goals for 2020. OK, tell me if this is not hilarious.”

The first goal: Make more money.

“I, you know, have been unemployed since March,” Schall quips.

Her next items on the list were to travel more, lose weight and be more social. Given that many of her goals specifically go against recommended behavior during the pandemic, Schall could barely keep it together as she read the list out loud.

“I wrote ‘cry less’! I’ve cried every single day of this whole pandemic!” she says.

Then, in a dark and rather sobering twist, Schall says, “It’s not funny, but I wrote, ‘Spend more time with my grandma,’ and she died.”

According to Schall’s interview with BuzzFeed, her maternal grandmother died from heart failure in May and her paternal grandmother also died around the same time due to complications with cancer and COVID-19.

Schall’s TikTok has now garnered over 3.7 million views and dozens of responses from celebrities on Twitter.

“I am begging you do NOT make a 2021 list,” one person joked in response to the TikTok.

“What’s the opposite of manifestation coz … sis,” another added.

“You’re going to need more wine!” someone else said.

“Lucky for me ‘drink less’ was not on the list,” Schall replied.

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