TikTok user says she’s OK after fainting mid-video

While recording a video of herself, a TikToker unexpectedly fainted on-camera.

TikTok user @lala.3430 was explaining a business idea to her followers when she slipped and caught herself on her dresser.

“I don’t know why I got dizzy,” she said, before regaining her composure and attempting to continue the video.


This is actually a real clip of me fainting on camera and my little brother coming in😳🤯 #foryou #real #viral #fyp #fainting #brother

♬ original sound – lala

Mere seconds later, she tried to talk again, but fell over. This time she didn’t catch herself and made a loud thudding sound when she hit the ground.

About 10 seconds later, her brother entered her room, told her to get up and hit her with a pillow multiple times. When she didn’t move, he yelled out to get their mom’s attention.

The original video ends there. Commenters were concerned.

“This gave me anxiety,” one user wrote.

“Are you OK? Also what did you create,” another said.

Others were skeptical.

“This is definitely not real,” one said.

“This looks staged,” another replied.

In a follow-up video, @lala.3430 assured her followers that she’s OK that the video was authentic.


I love you guys so much. You don’t even understand💓💓💓 #foryou #fyp #explanation

♬ original sound – lala

“I never thought people would actually care, which is such a sad thing to say,” she said. “But I’m fine.”

The TikToker said she thinks she fainted because she had barely gotten any sleep the night before, was really stressed out about school and hadn’t been eating or drinking water.

Commenters were happy to hear she was OK, but many urged her to seek medical attention.

“Go see a doctor right now,” one wrote.

“This sounds scary, I’ve never fainted and I hope I never do,” another said.

“Glad you’re doing OK,” a third wrote.

According to Healthline, experts say that people who faint for any reason should see a doctor and be ready to provide a detailed medical history. Better safe than sorry.

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