TikTok famous housekeeper reveals how to clean your mattress

Vanesa Valdez is a professional housekeeper from Austin. Valdez shares tips on how to make any home spick and span on her TikTok, under the handle vaneamaro91. The cleaning whiz amassed 1.5 million followers by posting her tried and true tricks, like how to fold spa towelsorganize clutter and clean window rails.  

In August, Valdez showed how to do something a lot of people probably don’t do: clean a mattress. 

“Did you know that the average human being sweats about a cup of sweat every single night?” Valdez says

The housekeeper starts by vacuuming the client’s entire mattress. Next, she sprinkles baking soda on it and lets it sit for 10 hours. Valdez vacuums it again. Then she sprays a mixture of 2 cups of water, 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide, 5 drops of clear dish soap and 5 drops of essential oil. She uses a toothbrush to scrub out any stains. Finally, she lets it air dry and the mattress looks brand new again. 

Valdez recommends cleaning your mattress just once a year, so don’t worry. The helpful video received 2.6 million views. Most users joked that they don’t have the patience to complete the task. 

“Ten hours? Where do I have breakfast, lunch and dinner then?” someone wrote

“I don’t think I’m even awake for 10 hours,” another commented

“Girl, 10 hours? I wasn’t even aware you’re supposed to clean your mattress,” one user said

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