TikTok fashionista shares secret hack on how to make your own ‘luxury’ purses

Chantel Maguire’s fashion-obsessed TikTok page showcases Maguire’s unique sense of style. The budding fashion designer sews her own clothes, upgrades T-shirts into handbags and shares outfit ideas. But her most viral is a simple but unexpected sunglasses case hack

“So I know that all of us have at least one or two empty sunglasses cases sitting in our drawer,” Maguire says. “Where the sunglasses went, it doesn’t matter. I am going to show you how to change that sunglasses case into a luxury handbag.”  

All you need to complete the transformation is a drill, a small door handle (she got hers from Michael’s) and an eyeglasses or sunglasses case. Chantel uses one that says Versace to give it a designer feel. 

First, mark the case with two holes the same distance apart as the screws on your handle. You’ll want to do it in the back of the case where the hinges are. Next, drill holes into the two marks. Finally, screw in the handle. 

“Bam, you’ve got yourself a purse and tell me you aren’t looking at this thinking shooketh?” Maguire jokes

The finished product is a small, unique purse that none of your friends are going to have. 

Maguire’s tutorial received 3.8 million views on TikTok. Who doesn’t like a great upcycling idea? 

“This is really cool and I can see it being a trend,” one user wrote

“This is honestly such a smart idea to reuse and repurpose,” another said.

“This is actually really clever,” someone wrote.  

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