TikTok’s AI Painter filter is giving some users surprising results

TikTokers are getting some interesting results from TikTok’s newest AI (artificial intelligence) filter, with some women claiming to be drawn as men.

To work the filter, all you have to do is stay still and let TikTok take a picture of you. Then the filter turns the photo into an AI-generated portrait. This isn’t the first time AI filters fascinated TikTok users. In 2022, users were trying to create the most unique AI photos by using random objects and bright colors on the screen with the help of the Manga AI filter.

Some women using the filter are joking that if the filter creates a woman, then the user gives off feminine energy. Yet if the portrait is of a man, then masculine energy is the winner. For those who are non-binary using the filter, being drawn as a character that doesn’t match their gender identity has also been an issue.

After one user saw several women receive portraits of men, she tried it out for herself. 

The comment section was in awe of her portrait and many of them also received pictures of a man. 

“I got men every time I did it lol, I have a lot of masculine energy,” said @alexthepotato00sowhatxd.

“Did it 5 times and got a guy. I’m confused,” replied @jocelineliseth.

The issue for some users is that many of the results are coming back as masculine, no matter the person’s actual gender.

One user, Carrie Ann (@carrieann0824) started an entire playlist of videos with the filter because she rarely gets depicted as a woman with her husband present — although the filter consistently paints him as a man. 

The filter appears to interpret women differently than men, but some women on TikTok are (jokingly) using it to figure out their internal energy.

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